We have 20 years experience developing a ‘membership digital strategy’ to engage and, just as importantly, retain members through targeted websites and digital communications.

We develop membership digital strategies by working closely with your company, as well as your stakeholders, committees and members. This way, we understand everyone’s needs and, crucially, everyone’s expectations.

The way your members now access and digest information has undergone a huge transformation – one largely attributed to the ever-increasing rise of mobile technology. This transformation is not yet complete. Not complete at all.

We help organisations understand what members now expect of you regarding an online presence, in terms of both accessibility and interaction. We do this by helping organisations develop, depending on what the members are demanding.

Services include:

  • Membership digital strategy
  • Membership websites
  • Membership communications

Often these tasks can seem daunting, confusing. Intimidating even. But, fortunately, you can rely on us to get your membership digital strategy correct. We will ensure you utilise digital effectively, supporting your existing systems and communications in the process.

We have worked with associations, federations and societies across multiple sectors.  Our experience includes:  IBA, BVRLA, BPF, NALC, OSRL, BSG, Helplines Partnership and EphMRA.


The British Dietetic Association engaged Ben Sturt from Chrysalis Digital to review our current digital position and provide a vision for our digital future.

All staff found Ben approachable, knowledgeable and supportive. His extensive knowledge of the sector, his obvious breadth of previous experience and contacts were all deployed to produce the final report.

This report brought clarity to a complex area for a non-expert audience and met the brief well.

I am very happy to recommend Ben.

Sue Kellie, Deputy Chief Executive – British Dietetic Association

Ben provided a clear and focused start at the beginning of our website project actively helping us get buy-in of all key stakeholders, giving the clear uncomplicated digital strategic direction which we needed to ensure a successful delivery.

Martin Rushent, Head of IT – Oil Spill Response Ltd

‘I worked with Ben to design a new website for the British Society of Gastroenterology. We ended up with a great design for the website and a new logo but they were the products of a useful journey through which Ben and colleagues really sought to understand what the Society was about and hoped to become. This led to the introduction of discussion forums, for example, and the integration of our database with the site meaning we could create and facilitate online networking among members. Ben was always happy to talk through new ideas and thoughts and incorporate them into the project’.

Tom Smith, CEO – British Society of Gastroenterology


Chrysalis Digital is a MemberWise Recognised Supplier. This is formal recognition of our knowledge, experience and commitment to the membership and association sector. MemberWise is a professional network for association and membership professionals

Membership strategy

We begin by understanding your members and their needs. We plan how to engage, retain and grow member numbers – all as a result of the right digital strategy.

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Digital Strategy
  • Technology choice
  • Measurement
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    We work closely with your stakeholders and committees to obtain an early buy in. This ensures a clear, uncomplicated, digital strategic direction is delivered.


    We create a single digital communications platform. How do we do this? By bringing business, marketing and membership goals together. The platform grows and engages your membership.


    We help you choose the right technologies to develop your website and digital communication channels. This is a key area. Failing to choose the correct technology from the outset, when trying to develop the system later on, can be a costly exercise.


    What does success look like?

    From an early stage, we agree on the factors that determine success … AND how we measure them.

Membership websites

Your membership website is a crucial daily engagement and communication tool. We cannot stress that enough. We ensure it is planned, designed and built to empower …… Empowering both yourself AND your members.

  • Strategy, discovery and planning
  • Design
  • Technology (including CMS and CRM) choice
  • Development and system integration
  • Hosting and support
  • Reporting and optimisation
  • Existing website reviews
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    We will plan your new website with two main promises: that it meets your members’ and stakeholders’ expectations. 

    We do this through interviews, workshops and discovery days. This is where YOUR input will be most needed during the project. 

    It is an exciting phase of the project – and, important to remember, a critical one too – where we collectively determine the strategy and direction of your membership organisation.


    We take a ‘member first’ approach to design, asking the key questions: Who are they? Where are they? And what do they like?

    Not forgetting, either, to understand why they are there.

    For example, if a growing proportion of your members are accessing your website via mobile, we will take a ‘mobile first’ design approach.

    Whether it’s developing a new website, or improving an existing one, membership sites are – traditionally – content heavy. There are ever-increasing requests from the members, and all these compete for space.

    By designing the correct information architecture, we promise the content and functionality will meet members’ expectations. Not only that, they will encourage repeat visits and, significantly, future engagement.


    Organisations often have multiple websites that have grown organically over the years. Alternatively, they have websites with numerous systems such as CRMs, training modules, event management, financial reporting and e-commerce all operating independently.

    We have encountered this scenario many times. In all cases, however, we have been able to build and deliver a single digital platform that meets both needs and expectations of the membership organisation.

    Choosing the right content management system (CMS) and customer relationship management system (CRM) can be daunting. Again, it can be intimidating even.

    We are platform agnostic and will advise on the best options available. We make sure that, whatever solution is chosen, it is both future proofed and meets with your organisation’s digital strategy.


    Change is a constant, right from the day your new membership website is launched. We ensure you and your members take advantage of that change by making your website work harder, providing more value to its members. How do we do this? By acting on insights learned through your analytics, then constantly refining and tweaking.


    We help increase performance and value of existing digital solutions. A rebuild of your current website may NOT be required.

    With careful examination, and a focus on what tasks are required, the website can be re-targeted to meet previous objectives.

Membership Communications

Members are never in one place. They can’t be. They move in different channels, and they possess contrasting profiles. We will help you understand that, and deliver a personalised communications plan.

  • Digital channels
  • Member segmentation
  • Content strategy
  • Campaign reporting
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    Where, and how, your members communicate with each other. That is where you need to be. However, it’s often easier said than done.

    Only as a result of good, thorough research and planning will you reach your members effectively. Not only that, but you will continue to engage with them. We will help you navigate the many digital communication channels that exist and then answer three key questions – What channels should we use? When should we use them? And how should we use them?


    Your members will form a very diverse audience, from any – or all – of the following: topic, type, geographic, age, gender, active and non active.

    Your members will appreciate content relevant to them and, increasingly, will engage with you.

    Through good segmentation practices, we will help you increase the retention and value of your members.


    We can develop a content strategy sympathetic to your membership. This ensures that every interaction is a meaningful one


    Now your website, email campaigns or social strategy are in operation, we help you develop meaningful management reports on what is providing value. And, just as importantly, what is NOT providing value. If required, we implement changes needed to either fix or remove the problem.