What we’ll do

We have 5 services, fully flexible to suit your digital journey.  With over 20 years of experience working with the membership and NFP sector, we understand every journey is very different and requires an individual approach.

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  1. Digital business strategy – Working hand in hand with you, we will recommend a digital path for your organisation to follow.  We can help you map the processes you have today, suggest improvements and adaptations needed to reach your goal
  2. Website and CRM business requirements – By mapping a member journey, assessing databases, current business processes and the technology used, we will recommend a full set of business requirements and shape the ITT
  3. Technology and supplier selection – With over 20 years of experience combined with the business requirements we will help you choose the right technology and suppliers for your organisation.
  4. Data and content management – From complex data integration to content assessment and creation we have the solution that fits your needs
  5. Project management – We are always there to support you through your digital project roll-out.   This can be either on a part-time or full-time capacity, we have the specialists that can help where you need them the most.

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