We will help you define and prioritise your business requirements, so when you come to selecting a new website and CRM partner it is done with very clear business and member needs – not just technology-led.  We call this the discovery phase’, it will help you identify the needs from across the business, ensuring that you have a clear picture of the current state and where you need to get too.  Driving towards a the single-member view will resulting in increased member engagement and potential additional revenue for the organisation.

Database sprawl is something that most companies both inside and outside of our sector suffer from, understanding where they are and what you need to tap into is a key step and will ensure that your project runs smoothly.

We can help you step through this process

  • We will develop and define your business requirements for the new website and CRM system
  • Fully map member journeys and internal business processes
  • Gather together the internal business needs from the Senior Management Team
  • Audit all existing technologies and databases used for member management and communications
  • Develop ITT for new website and CRM

Remember changing your requirements once the project is in flight will not only impact the time scales but the costs too – potentially resulting in a sub-optimal solution. Investing now will, of course, save you time and money in the long run!

If you would like to see how we are working with the BDA just click the image.

With over 20 years’ experience working within the membership and the NFP sector, we fully understand the complexities that exist, as well as the individual challenges when going through a Digital transformation.





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